Yay or nay?

Quick question:

Here are the contenders:

#1 : Blimps, Balloons, and Rigid Airships
Gouache on watercolour paper. Quite large, say, 22×36.

Contemporary Nursery Rhymes
Various materials on watercolour paper. Four pieces, would be matted neatly. See previous post for detailed images. Each 10″ x 10″

# 3:
Dream Within a Dream
Pillow with digital prints and trapunto. About 13″ x 20″

Reverse side has this print:

Dino Bags
Set of 4 canvas bags with various dinosaur screen prints. Here are two of them.

Okay, there are the choices. Please lend me a hand as I resent decision-making! Vote at the top of this post!

When nature overtakes architecture

Today was an extended and entirely pleasant day in the surface design studio. Many people around, some sort of open house to publicize the school and they were all very inquisitive. I was working away on some screen printing, texture samples, and a cityscape while the lady at the table across made encaustic board games. I spent the whole day intoxicated by the smell of beeswax. Could there be a more sticky drug? Teehee.

Here are the beginnings of my salt crystal cityscape. I left it at the school to grow (far too fragile for frolicking) and am chomping at the bit to go check on it. I suspect it will be half way to full-grown by the time I wake up. Probably make some coffee related excuse to go downtown and see it first thing.

Step One: Fabricate a cardboard city. Massacre it (and your hands) with food colouring, everyone`s favourite multi-medium.

Step Two: Flood your city with a foul-smelling blue concoction (recipe courtesy Mik3 at Instructables).

Step Three: Wait for the magic! I made this tester in advance so the suspense wouldn’t kill me. It makes me think of what skyscrapers might look like if all the people left and nature reclaimed its territory.

Also, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my dinosaur prints. Hooray for discharge paste! Here are the first couple bags. Need a little embellishment yet. Maybe some zigzag stitching and a button or two.

Time for sleep, more projects tomorrow :)

– Allison Green