This Friday will mark the opening of my first solo show, CONSUME, at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton. It is a portrait series discussing the power of addiction to usurp identity. This subject is very personal to me, and I suspect to everyone.

This project, though serious in nature, was a fun experiment in material usage, and I learned a ton. The repetition of motion was quite meditative and gave me a chance to reflect on the premise. Here are some examples of the many materials used, to give you a tiny taste of what you might see at the show!

Consume Details Consume Details_1 Consume Details_2Consume Details_3Consume Details_6 Consume Details_5 Consume Details_4

Interest piqued? Stop in 5:30 – 7:00 on Friday to see the work, enjoy drinks and snacks and conversation. For more info see the Facebook event, or the article in the Here magazine tomorrow!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this show; those who supported this work and its exhibition; those who have expressed their interest and perspectives on addiction; and those who bravely agreed to lend their face.

One goes up while the other comes down

The saltscape city has crumbled into the sea, but I’m sure it won’t be my last fling with crystal-making.

The show I took part in at Gallery Connexion, called “The View”, came down today. It was mostly for students at my school. I had a few pieces in it that I made last year while taking the Foundation Visual Arts program:

The piece below is a ceramic lizard eye. The nice lady who runs the gallery told me it looks like a vagina. Go figure.

This one is a cross-contour pomegranate I made from pen and ink in my first ever drawing class. One of my prouder moments.

This is a piece I made for art history, inspired by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. It is probably the largest painting I’ve made, and includes gouache, acrylic, acrylic gel, and copper foil. I painted it from a photograph of my very lovely and patient boyfriend, Warren. He is not quite as creepy-looking in real life.

The next thing I have on tap is the textiles show at the college. The poster was finalized this week. Perhaps a little more pinky than I would have chosen, but certainly eye-catching. It reminds me of a fairy tale landscape.

It`s going to be a beautiful show. I am lucky to be in a small department with exclusively talented people. It raises the bar for my own work and they are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration.

Having a little trouble deciding what to put in. I can submit three pieces for consideration. My paper quilt is a given, and I`m working on a mixed media nursery rhyme collection I have high hopes for. Other than that, either my digitally printed pillow, my dino screen prints, or my blimps and balloons pattern croquis. I`ll post them up here this weekend and you fine people can help me decide.