Insect Lifecycle Sculptures_10_1

Original digitally printed cotton from leaf photographs, cotton, corduroy, interfacing, reed.
Size small dress © Allison Green 2013.

The second piece in the Time Flies Collection, this dress shows the burgeoning juvenile insect. It is designed after the dragonfly nymph.

See how it was constructed, and the other items in the series: Nascent, Nubile, and Nesting.
Exhibited with Foundation at the Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB.
Pricing available upon request.

Insect Lifecycle Sculptures_55_1

The Current

Hexagon Apron Vivacity Armour - Allison Green

The Current

Cotton exterior, polyester interfacing. Pennies, fishing line, and aluminum wire.
© Allison Green 2013.
Modelled by Megan McGeachy.

Ritual dancing apron for energy and protection. Constructed entirely of hexagons, each screen printed with a human cell. Copper-coated pennies connect them for added conductivity. Inspired by sci-fi garb and the armour of the Terra Cotta Warriors. Shake up the cells with a swish of the hips to energize.
Hexagon Apron Vivacity Armour - Allison Green_4Hexagon Apron Vivacity Armour - Allison Green_3

Travelling Vest

Travelling vest embroidery - Allison Green_5
Travelling Vest

All natural materials. Cotton canvas exterior, hand-dyed silk lining, embroidery floss.
© Allison Green 2012.
Modelled by Megan McGeachy.

Hand-embroidered vest fitting the theme “By Land, By Sea, By Air”. Land is shown on the left panel with a train, a bison, and a tumbleweed; sea on the right with a boat, a whale, and a jellyfish; air on the back with a plane, a bird, and a bug.

Modelled by the artist at “By Land, By Sea, By Air”, a wearable art show for Transport Canada. Scroll down to see video of the event by Charles Harding (visible 3:54 – 4:09).

Travelling vest embroidery - Allison Green Travelling vest embroidery - Allison Green_6

Scrappy neck cuffs

Scrappy Woven Neck Cuffs- Allison Green_19

Scrappy Neck

Silk, cotton, and wool. Collection of three.
© Allison Green 2012

Strips of various fabrics were dyed with natural indigo and handwoven with wool. The colours bring to mind the durable denim of the working class. Scrappy has a double meaning, both for the scraps of fabric and the protective nature of the cloth. The vulnerable throat is protected no matter what scraps you get into.
Scrappy Woven Neck Cuffs- Allison Green_22

Scrappy Woven Neck Cuffs- Allison Green_14

Scrappy Woven Neck Cuffs- Allison Green_7Scrappy Woven Neck Cuffs- Allison Green_11