On setting the mood:

hands and samples by Allison Green web_1

That’s my starting procedure. It sits right beside my light switch and I do it every day. When I forget to do it, or get distracted halfway through, I feel like scattered crumbs.

I made it up by thinking of things that make me feel good and ready to create.

Make space – I tidy my workspace, putting everything in its place and clearing the tables.
Make clean – With hot hot water I wipe down all the surfaces. I’m sterilizing yesterday’s victories and doubts so I can start today without prejudice.
Make open – I rest my face in a hot washcloth and then massage it with soap. This reminds me to release tension in my jaw and eyes and open up wide.
Make comfort – Like it sounds, I collect my creature comforts: a big dog, a snack for my break, something warm to drink + cold water, and music if I’m feeling it.
Make choice – I dig out my intentions journal and look at what I’m up to for the week. I read the items I’ve already crossed off, too, just to let me know I’m already a rockstar. I pick only one item to start and write it at the top of a page.
Make trust – I close my eyes and do a double-blind contour, which let’s me know I can do this.
Make roots – I pause for a minute and breathe. I remember my core desired feelings, which are five special words I choose to make central to my life and goals.
Make – Action phase! I get to make things in my studio. Score!

I’m a list person, so I feel comforted by routines like these, but everyone’s different and finds their own ways to start the day off right. Some people invoke the muse, or rub a special stone. Others go for a long walk, or sing perky music. There are as many nice things to do for yourself as there are people.

Even with work, the main goal should be to feel good. No need to goad yourself –  being kind and setting off on happy footing is an easier way to get yourself going every day.

How do you start your day? Or, how would you start your day if you could start it in any way you liked?




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