Travelling Vest

Travelling vest embroidery - Allison Green_5
Travelling Vest

All natural materials. Cotton canvas exterior, hand-dyed silk lining, embroidery floss.
© Allison Green 2012.
Modelled by Megan McGeachy.

Hand-embroidered vest fitting the theme “By Land, By Sea, By Air”. Land is shown on the left panel with a train, a bison, and a tumbleweed; sea on the right with a boat, a whale, and a jellyfish; air on the back with a plane, a bird, and a bug.

Modelled by the artist at “By Land, By Sea, By Air”, a wearable art show for Transport Canada. Scroll down to see video of the event by Charles Harding (visible 3:54 – 4:09).

Travelling vest embroidery - Allison Green Travelling vest embroidery - Allison Green_6


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