Burning of the HMS Iapetus.

This acrylic painting is currently hanging at the Isaac’s Way art auction. It was made by the boy that I like to call mine. I am quite fond of it and wish we didn’t have to send it away. Ah well, there will be more. In fact his father told us the other day that there is an un-built model ship with his name on it, from when he was a kid. Can’t wait to see that. Hope he doesn’t set it on fire…

For your interest, Iapetus is the Titan of Mortal Life. He is father to Epimetheus (meaning hindsight), Prometheus (meaning foresight), and Menoetius (who died in a flash of lightning).

You are the grand HMS Iapetus and your main sail is aflame.
You think about the hundreds of men you carry in your belly and the scores of cannon you hold on your flanks.
You ponder your terrible might as a proud ship of the line and all you can think is what it would be like to be a whale. For even just one minute.
To slip beneath the infinite ocean.

-Warren Steeves


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