Bidding war.

Once again I need a little help deciding. This time I am choosing a photo, which will be made into a textile (quilt-esque wall-hanging, 32 x 16). Keep in mind it is for a charity art auction at a local restaurant (Isaac’s Way) and therefore has to be saleable. Here are the contenders:

Train Bridge:
This one would make an interesting contrast between hard industrial bridge and soft textile.

Fungus Towers:
Beautiful and woodsy, sharp colours, but maybe not everyone likes fungus?

Love the atmosphere, but maybe would need to accentuate the colours to give a little more punch.

Probably the most saleable topic of the bunch, everyone is drawn to the beach. Interesting too because of the emphasis on stone vs. sky, rust vs. blue.

There you have it. I will be chronicling this creation over the next two weeks, and it will then be available for bidding at Isaac’s Way. Please take the opportunity to involve yourself in this piece, vote or comment! You only have ’til Thursday…

Sorry, voting is now over. Thank you everyone! You have chosen Train Bridge :)

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