Meet cute.

Well hi there. Brother CE8080, is it? Kind of a handful for a name if you ask me. How ’bout Cece, can we agree? Very well then, let’s move on.

You’ve got a tough act to follow, just so’s you know. But not just any old machine follows me home. You’ve got some kind of charm, I can see. And so many bells and whistles. Perhaps we could get to know one another…

Alright, I see you’ve got skills. But do I really need so many stitches? A tiny blade to slice my bobbin thread? Seems lavish, really.

But perhaps I deserve a little luxury in a sewing machine. Maybe you see right through me. I am a little lusty for your one-step buttonholes….

Don’t bat your pretty eyelashes at me! You know I can’t resist. Oh alright, I suppose you can stay the night. Just a sampler and then away with you first thing in the morning!

Well, maybe just after breakfast….

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