Nebulous attire

I’ve finished my nebula scarf! It was relatively quick and easy once I took the time out. At first I was really unhappy with it (silliness!), but now I am in love. I think a lot of the problem was that the colours were dulled when wet so it didn’t really pop.

I strive for realism, and it’s hard to let go of that banana. Felt is hardly a photographic medium so it is a good exercise in letting go. The colours are spot on, and I think I captured the overall “nebulous-ness” of the source photo.










I dyed a ton of wool and other fibres beforehand in some really variegated acidwash dye pots. Don’t tell my teacher, but by the end I was just sprinkling dye in willy-nilly. When I felt I had the whole array of colours from the source photo, I let it dry and headed to school.


There I started my felt “painting”. I laid out little shingles of the wool (thanking my lucky stars that it hadn’t felted too much in the pot!) until I had covered a large rectangular area. Then I put another layer of shingles pointing in the opposite direction. With these two layers I created the background colours.

I put down a few gemstones between the layers, which would have played the part of the stars. They almost all ended up falling out when I beat the felt at the end, so I’ll know to make the felt thicker if I want to use that technique again. As it is I am happy with the thinness of the felt, it makes for a nice drapey scarf.

Once I had the background filled in, I put down some polyester organza for the nebula. It was orangey-brown to begin with, and I dyed it a little darker. Then I added some silk hankie in orange, pink, and white, to accentuate the edges and give that glow from behind. I also used some silk thread I had from fraying the Habotai strips for my Indigo line. Pack-ratting at its best.


The polyester areas are raised and dimpled, and all of the alternative fibres have a nice sheen. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a little light will shine through it, showing the really interesting patterns in the felt.

I’ve also finished my Indigo line, and couldn’t be happier. They have been whisked away for inclusion in the textiles show (this Thursday, 4-6!) so that will be a post for another day.

Thank you to everyone who voted on which pieces I should submit to the show! I happily went with your choices, the nursery rhymes and the blimps, as well as my paper quilt. I will be sure to take some pictures of my work in-situ.

I will be a little scarce the next week, wrapping up the school year. Have a nice day :) I sure did.

3 thoughts on “Nebulous attire

  1. It worked out really well! It looks great :)
    I still get that disappointed feeling just after felting when it’s still wet and doesn’t look how I imagined, then 20 minutes later as it’s starting to dry and the silks and other fibres and fabrics start to show their sheen and texture, I feel better :)
    Great Job!


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