Yay or nay?

Quick question:

Here are the contenders:

#1 : Blimps, Balloons, and Rigid Airships
Gouache on watercolour paper. Quite large, say, 22×36.

Contemporary Nursery Rhymes
Various materials on watercolour paper. Four pieces, would be matted neatly. See previous post for detailed images. Each 10″ x 10″

# 3:
Dream Within a Dream
Pillow with digital prints and trapunto. About 13″ x 20″

Reverse side has this print:

Dino Bags
Set of 4 canvas bags with various dinosaur screen prints. Here are two of them.

Okay, there are the choices. Please lend me a hand as I resent decision-making! Vote at the top of this post!


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