Daffodils, bladder cherries, tea, and indigo

Last evening I received a bundle of daffodils. They look so pretty with the indigo yarn and cloth scraps I’ve been amassing.

We have a group indigo vat going on at school right now. So interesting. If you don’t know about this amazing plant, check it out. Think blue jeans. Basically, when you pull your cloth out, it’s light green. Then as it oxidizes it magically turns blue.

Very rich. A little too royal blue for my liking so I decided to over-dye it with tea. Yup, regular old tea is a pretty sweet colourant.

It turned out pretty well. The silk strips came out with a beautiful goldy tinge, and so with the wool, but the cotton didn’t take the tea as readily. Perhaps another dip tomorrow.

So silvery : )

All of this indigo business is headed toward a line of three scarves. I’ve decided to make woven neck cuffs (or cowls, or scarflettes, whatever you like to call them) that contain a whole collection of different yarns, strings and cloth strips. They are going to let me use a loom for a few weeks although I am not a fibre arts student (I am in textile design, little different). Anyway, very excited. I love weaving so. You would too if you tried it.

Other than indigo-ing I’ve been picking out nursery rhymes for my mixed media textured pieces. I think I’ve decided on Peter Pumpkin Eater, Hickory Dickory Dock, Ladybug Ladybug, and Sing a Song of Six Pence. But don’t hold me to that.

And I made these pretty t-shirts for digital class. They are called “Bladder Cherry”, which is a most amusing term for Chinese Lanterns. The original design (seen on the black shirt) was for a set of “art blinds”. It was drawn in Illustrator. These are just iron-on transfers, but I think after seeing the results I will make up a couple of screen prints with similar motifs. Little more permanent that way.


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